Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey Bread Recipe

Even though school is over, it’s fun to look back at my year- and this year, I had an especially concentrated amount of fun in the Astronomy Club that I started at school. I think this is largely because the moderator of said club is wonderful to work with. Let’s just say that he is tied for my favorite teacher award (along with my english teacher this year and biology teacher last year. All were/are phenomenal and so great!!!!!).  I associate him with fun and continue to get entertainment out of him despite that I don’t have him as a teacher any more. Even just a little while ago, I was anonymously razzing him. First, though, let me rewind: Like most teachers, he hs his special mannerisms.One of his mannerisms is most apparent when he writes on the chalkboard; you can hear it through the wall on the other side, a sort of tap taptap tipptap tap taptap… TAP! TAP! TAP! It sounds like he really enjoys writing on the chalkboard. Some days, his writing is louder than others. So to continue, my english class is just through the wall from his class. Even to go from the door of my english teacher’s classroom to his classroom, you literally can walk two feet, and you’ll be in his classroom  (since both rooms sit on the corner of the hallway). One day, in english, the tapping seemed especially loud, so my teacher stopped class, and we sat there, silently listening to the taps for a full minute. Finally, I smiled and said, “Tap back.”  We did so obnoxiously. Well, the tapping on his side stopped, and we continued on with class. Little did we know, payback was coming. No one saw or heard him come into the english room, so when he spoke, nearly every girl in the room leapt up and screamed. What can I say? It was startling! Even better, though, one of my best friends was in his class at the time. Apparently, when he heard us tapping back, he stopped his class, saying, “Stahhp it! …Well, it’s kind of cute…”. Now I must emphasize. This is important. He only says something is cute if he really likes it. Usually he tends to call formulas “cute little tricks”. He still doesn’t know who initiated it, though. MWAHAHAHAHA!

I’m sorry, but I have another good story. Although, maybe I just like these stories because I know the teachers and all their mannerisms like the back of my hand. Sometimes, I’ll cross paths with my biology teacher from last year when I get picked up from school. Anyway, one of the spirit week themes was “uniform violation,” so I wore a shirt that only seniors can wear (radical, I know). Well, I crossed paths with my Biology teacher again, and he absolutely freaked out. Keeping in mind that he is about 30-something  years old and had me last year as his freshman student, he exclaims, “What??? Are you a Senior already?” I shook my head, and he heaved a huge sigh of relief. “Oh, thank goodness! You nearly gave me a heart attack! I was going to feel really depressed at how old I’m getting..”  Him. Old. Yeah right.

Alrighty, then… this recipe. Is. Delicious. You. Must. Make. It. ASAP! Seriously, it is really good! It’s very gooey and soft, and a total comfort food. It’s best to eat it right out of the oven, once it’s cooled down enough to be able to pull off parts with your fingers, yet still nice and warm. You can imagine why this one’s popular in the winter! :)

Monkey Bread Recipe:

2 cans Pillsbury rolls

cinnamon sugar (unspecified amount)

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter


1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and lightly grease a bundt pan.

2. Cut each Pillsbury roll into 4 pieces, and roll each piece in the cinnamon sugar. Then, put the pieces in the prepared bundt pan.

3. Melt the butter, and add the brown sugar, stirring until thoroughly mixed. Pour over the biscuit pieces.

4. Bake for 20-25 minutes, until browned. Invert immediately on a platter. (Very important!)

5. Feast!


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