Tarragon Chicken Recipe

Tarragon Chicken Recipe

Tarragon Chicken Recipe

Tarragon Chicken Recipe

Tarragon Chicken Recipe

This is… heaven on a plate. Truly, if you eat it, you will probably die from a heart attack. But it is totally worth it. It’s creamy, buttery, delectable, tender, saucy, soft, and just the perfect combo of flavors- fresh and indescribably delicious!!! Definitely try this one out, even if you are a health nut! It is well worth the calories.

I have a fun ditty about this recipe that includes my parental units… so on the nights that my mom and dad are gone, my siblings and I often have some sort of quick meal planned. It happened one night that they had been gone for the past few nights, and… how do I put this? We had no clue what we were going to eat. With several all-devouring boys and hungry girls to feed, we wanted only the best. I jotted down the ingredients for the best recipe we knew, and my brother took me with him to the grocery store. We made a strategical strike and were out of the store quickly. As it happened, we got a call from my other brother saying that our parents were still home, and they couldn’t be allowed to see the groceries; they would know what we were up to. We figured that if we must, we could pull over, but as we drove down the final stretch of road towards our house a few minutes later, a familiar looking car passed. And it had two familiar looking people in it. Knowing we were out of the woods, we hurried home and got cracking. My siblings and I made ourselves a delicious meal and dubbed the evening “The Night of Rebellion.” There have only been a few of those since then. :) But all have included tarragon chicken. And we make references to it all the time.

Tarragon Chicken Recipe:

Rice, cooked accordingly for ~6 servings

6 lbs. chicken breasts, raw, cubed

2 tsp. salt

1 1/2 tsp. pepper

3 Tbsp + 3 tsp. olive oil

4 egg whites

1 stick (1/2 cup) butter

2 Tbsp. vinegar

4 cups (1 quart) whipping cream

2 Tbsp. dried tarragon leaves

salt and pepper to taste

3-4 diced tomatoes

additional cornstarch


  1. Combine raw chicken, salt, pepper, cornstarch, olive oil and egg whites in a large bowl until the chicken is thoroughly coated.
  2. In a large pan, melt the butter. Pour the chicken into the pan and saute the chicken until golden.
  3. Once it is finished, add the vinegar, whipping cream, tarragon, salt, and pepper. Cook over medium heat until thickened to a saucy consistency. You may have to add more cornstarch. If you do so, add only a little at a time.
  4. Stir in the diced tomatoes (or use the tomatoes as a garnish, if you like.) Top the rice with some of the sauce, and serve!
  5. Enjoy this heavenly decadence.

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