Katy? Who’s Katy?

DSC_0857Some things to Know About Katy (me):

This is always one of my favorite things about blogs. The random things. I think it’s fun to know about what some people love or detest. So, here are some of my random facts:

1. Obviously, I love to write! Writing stories and books is probably the most fun thing for me… it’s so much fun to see what I can come up with and which ideas grow the most and get the longest. I strongly prefer writing and reading fiction… and I especially love fractured fairy tales! Coincidentally, my two favorite books (Entwined by Heather Dixon and Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier)  are fractured fairy tales of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I am also a big fan of historical fiction. You must know, however, that when I say historical fiction, it is much more fiction than actual history. Usually, it includes mythological creatures and magic, and maybe a person we’ve heard of who lived sometime B.C. So, very loosely historical. You get the idea.

2. In my opinion, The Avengers, Leap Year (with Amy Adams), and How to Train Your Dragon are the best three movies ever! However, The Martian and The Finest Hours are also favorites. In general, I like chick-flicks, but I am more of an action and adventure type gal. Other movies that I really like are stuff like Star Trek, X-men, and The Hunger Games. Speaking of TV, my favorite shows are Reign, Merlin, Arrow, and The Flash… All of which are are heavily fictional and action-filled, which is my version of paradise! And looking at those TV shows, I am now thinking I should probably get a life at some point. :)

3. A lot of the music I listen to is symphonic or, a better word for it, soundtracks. I love the sound of bagpipes, and I think that they are sadly under-used. Josh Groban is my favorite singer in the universe, by far. I also think that, among the gals, Celine Dion has the best voice.

4. I looooooove a good game! My favorites are probably The Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Bang!, Mafia, Avalon, Monopoly Deal, and Euchre… although, it changes a lot.

5. I sing a lot, although never when anyone else is present. Quite often, I’ll sing some stuff from Phantom of the Opera (the parts that I can sing, anyway), Frozen, Tangled, or sometimes I’ll hum instrumental pieces. Or, I’ll simply sing a song that I have stuck in my head. I get songs stuck in my head so easily! My sister will hum one line of a song and it’ll be stuck in my head for the next fifteen minutes or more, so her teasing usually takes the form of humming. :)

6. I love the sky. Like, REALLY love it! Storms are awesome, sunshine is nice, stars are stunning, sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking, rainbows are special, snow is downright magical, rain is refreshing, the blue of a clear sky is my favorite color. There is literally no moment that I don’t love  the sky. Some people complain about getting too much snow and that rainy days are dreary. Not me!

7. If I could go anywhere in the world, the first place I would go is Switzerland. Definitely. Switzerland. Did I mention that I love mountains? You’re probably thinking right now “why don’t you go somewhere else? There are mountains all over the world, not just in Switzerland!” I know. But I still want to go to Switzerland.  Or Austria, I could go for Austria. Somewhere in that area. :) I also love the idea of going to New Zealand. Beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful!!!

8. If I could learn any language, I would learn German. Is it just me, or do English and German both sound… clunky? At least, they don’t sound anything like the romantic languages even though English has some heavy roots in Latin. I don’t know how else to put it. Right now, I’m learning Spanish, which is really fun too, but someday I want to learn German as well! My family and I will always make up some German sounding word and use it whenever we refer to something.  For example: Flamenfliegan is our made up word for Firefly. Fun, right? <3

9. My sisters and I have Princess Days that we celebrate. There is no specific day… it’s just whenever we feel like it. We get in some prom dresses and decorate a room with balloons and all the rest of the party décor (you’re never too young to be a princess, in my opinion, no matter how juvenile it might seem). Then we have a “ball” and attempt to force our brothers to be the princes… that part doesn’t usually work out. My family certainly knows how to make some fun come into play. :)

10. I play the piano and my favorite pieces to play and/or hear are the Claire de Lune  (by Debussy), The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (also by Debussy), L’Orage (by Burgmuller), The Raindrop Prelude/Prelude in D flat Major (by Chopin), and the Paris Nocturne (by Dan Fogelberg). In general, I love the legato sound that those pieces have. Soft. Flowing. Lovely. I also love loud and dramatic pieces, which is what L’Orage is. Lots of loud chords. Very fun!

So those are some random facts of mine that might help you know a bit more what my personality is like. I hope I made you smile!

The Katy-did Bake It Blog:

My name is Katy. I started this blog when I was thirteen, but I’m seventeen years old; and I love to bake! When did I start baking? When I was eight. The first thing that I ever baked was a batch of peanut butter cookies. I was very nervous. I was afraid that I would, for example, put one teaspoon of flour into the bowl rather than one cup. What I didn’t know was that anyone can learn to bake even the most complicated recipes. It just takes some practice, so don’t be surprised if you have some failures. Every good baker has failures. I have burned a pie, burned many cookies, dropped a pie, dented my roller when I was trying to crush peppermint candy, ground pretzels to powder, and caramelized a batch of cookies. One day, I made a pie for a family gathering. I was nervous about the pie sitting on the floor of the car during transportation. I imagined the pie being ruined as the car took a sharp turn, sending the pie skidding across the car floor and smashing it into the door. I really didn’t want that to happen. So as I thought about keeping my pie intact, I carried it out to the car and -guess what?- I dropped it!

Why do I love to bake? Because it makes people happy! I don’t think that anyone truly dislikes desserts… and I didn’t just fall in love with eating desserts, I fell in love with making them. Oddly enough, it’s kind of my time to think about things… if I’m upset about something, I find myself relaxed by baking. Sometimes while I bake, I will let my imagination wander so far that I find myself in a whole different world. I hope that you agree with me when I say that baking is an amazing thing! Don’t you remember those times when Grandma would make a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies for you? Or when you would snuggle up by a hot fire and fill your belly with a warm piece of apple pie as you listened to the icy winter wind howling? Here’s your chance to create some of those sweet memories. It all starts with a book… and a cook!


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